Why I'm running for the Yellow Springs Village Council

My objectives as a Council member are to focus on affordability, inclusion, and fiscal responsibility. I will hold social justice and anti-racism front and center every day and in every interaction with Council members – without compromise.

I realize that to promote a Village culture that is inclusive, diverse, and deeply rooted in its rich and proud history, it must be an affordable and welcoming place to live for both native Yellow Springers and newcomers. Which is why I will work to counter the effects of gentrification by encouraging innovative new development, supporting subsidized housing, and promoting zoning changes.

I will also make sure our tax dollars are effectively spent. This is absolutely crucial in keeping Yellow Springs an affordable and self-sustaining haven that is able to protect progressive values, even through changing times.

I’m concerned, just as you are, that our Village may not always live up to its own hype. The Village needs experienced people in Council who are actively engaged in maintaining the integrity of our community. With my extensive professional experience, acumen, and love for our unique culture, I will help create the momentum for an efficient and effective Village government that sets the bar for what can be accomplished by an engaged community.


I commit to listening to your voices. I will…

✓ Maintain & monitor an email address for easy communication.

✓ Schedule bi-weekly “Office Hours” in town open to anyone who wants to talk with me.

✓ Attend all Council meetings to hear your comments in-person.


I commit to active engagement. I will…

✓ Act as a connector between people and organizations.

✓ Communicate with you about key decisions that are coming before the Council.

✓ Remain engaged in community activities.

✓ Seek to know about what matters to you.


I commit to advance the work of the Council.

✓ Apply experience and knowledge to ask key questions in support of decision making.

✓ Promote “best practices” for effective meetings to optimize the work that is done by Council.

✓ Understand that Council is not a popularity contest and that difficult decisions must be made based on facts.

Want more information on the issues and priorities moving forward?
Follow the link below for more details and ways to get in touch with me!