Three areas of focus...

I focus on three interrelated issues affecting the Village of Yellow Springs: Inclusion, affordability, and fiscal responsibility.


My work on the Council is to promote courageous conversation and action that promotes inclusion and anti-racism.

It’s not enough to say “all are welcome here” and then to passively go on with business as usual. The best Yellow Springs is racially and economically diverse and adamantly anti-racist.  I’ll work to prevent Yellow Springs from becoming a white middle-class bedroom community. To build a more inclusive community, I would take a stand that is:

Pre-emptive: Always thinking forward about every issue. How does each and every agenda item before Council impact race and class inclusion in Yellow Springs?

Pro-active: Not standing by waiting for an idea or proposal. Instead, asking what should we do differently to promote inclusion?

Anti-racist: I am white, credentialed, and economically stable. These are all forms of powerful privilege. As a white anti-racist, I want to be an ally by actively calling out and doing something about the system of race-based oppression that is woven into the fabric of our country and community.

Engaged: The Village Government should not work alone. My policy for engagement relies on the work of non-profits and community members and other key community stakeholders.


My work on the Council is to look closely at the cost of life in the Village and to determine how our decisions promote greater affordability.

It’s expensive to live in Yellow Springs. Home purchase costs are high and rental options are scarce. Our work in the Council is to take an innovative stance on what might be possible – working closely with community non-profits – to make it possible for people to live and thrive in Yellow Springs.

To build a more affordable community, I would take a stand that is:

・open to new zoning measures

・supportive of affordable housing

Open to new zoning: Yellow Springs growth is constrained by our size. This should not constrain our potential for managed growth. I support the work of the planning, zoning, and economic sustainability commission that is actively considering creative rezoning ideas that could make it possible for more affordable housing.

Supportive of affordable housing: Availability of affordable housing is the single most important factor to attract an age and race diverse population to Yellow Springs. I support the creative work of Home, Inc. and wonder: What more can we do?

Fiscal Responsibility

My work on the Council is to maintain scrutiny on the budget to determine how our choices reflect on who we are as a community.

As a fiscally responsible member of the Council, I would take a stand to:

・examine how the budget could be reallocated to improve the experience of life for all citizens in Yellow Springs

・understand how incentives could attract minority businesses and employers who hire locally while maintaining a health overall budget

・promote a strong bottom line for the economy

How will I accomplish this? I will...


✓ Maintain & monitor an email address.

✓ Schedule bi-weekly “Office Hours” in town open to anyone who wants to talk with me.

✓ Attend all Council meetings to hear your comments in-person.


✓ Act as a connector between people and organizations.

✓ Communicate with you about key decisions that are coming before the Council.

✓ Seek to build and strengthen active connections between the Village Council and other key stakeholders including the Board of Education, the Yellow Springs Community Foundation, Antioch College, and the Chamber of Commerce.

✓ Remain engaged in community activities.

✓ Seek to know about what matters to you.


✓ Apply experience and knowledge to ask key questions in support of decision making.

✓ Promote “best practices” for effective meetings to optimize the work that is done by Council.

✓ Understand that Council is not a popularity contest and that difficult decisions must be made based on facts.

What is your perception of life in the Village?

The financial costs of life in the Village are increasing, and the infrastructure of Yellow Springs is aging.

Consider the recent decision to build a new water plant. The Yellow Springs News reported: “Starting this year, villagers will see a 30 percent rise in their water rates for the next three years, with a total rise of almost 100 percent. Council also raised sewer fund rates at 15 percent for the next four years, for a total rise of almost 60 percent.” Learn More →

Closely followed by the levy for the new fire station. “…which would increase property taxes by around $84 per $100,000 of property value for the next 30 years”. Learn More →

People deserve safe roads and sidewalks, healthy water, and reliable utilities, but upgrading and maintaining these services comes at a cost.

The population of Yellow Springs is aging.

31% of the Yellow Springs population is 60 years of age or older (2015, U.S. Census).

New ideas and perspectives are needed to…

Help our community members age safely in place

Create affordable housing for seniors

Increase the availability of smaller/shared residences

Support community members with sensory or cognitive challenges

and, as the population shifts…

Attract young culturally diverse families

People (and businesses) chose a community based on culture, values, and race/class inclusion.

82% of the Yellow Springs population is white (2015, U.S. Census). Looking at that statistic – it’s difficult to make the claim that we are diverse or inclusive. There is community focus on this thanks to non-profit organizations like The 365-Project and the Village of Yellow Springs Human Relations CommissionMore is needed.

New ideas and perspectives are needed to…

Support cultural activities that are not limited to white culture

Educate the white community about the meanings behind privilege, racism, and ‘whiteness’… to give up privilege and be comfortable with that

Promote an understanding that society is not only a white space

Proactively attract people of color and minority owned businesses to Yellow Springs

For more information on these issues, please call 937-767-2319.